A Family Favorite for Generations


3dough5 Doughnuts & Coffee, Little Havana's popular community gathering spot welcomes nostalgic fans and a new generation of

hot glazed doughnut enthusiasts.

3dough5 owner Jorge Rios hosts hungry tourists, area police officers and dedicated locals eager to share childhood favorites with their kids.

“When they were much younger, I took my kids for doughnuts every Sunday.  It remains one of our favorite family memories. I built 3dough5 to

connect with Miami families just like mine.”

3dough5 celebrates Miami’s heritage and culture with time-honored recipes plus new tropical fillings like Guava, Key Lime and Mango

to keep things fresh.

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3🍩5 Doughnuts

1555 SW 8 Street

Miami, FL 33135


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